Board of Directors

Gonzalo Herrera


   Gonzalo “Gonzo” Herrera is a Marine Corps Veteran currently working on his Bachelors in Health and Fitness Management. Gonzo is a native from Brownsville, Texas where he spent his spare time fishing in the Gulf Coast. In 2009 he enlisted in the Marine Corps and was stationed with 1st Battalion 5th Marines in Camp Pendleton California. He did 1 combat deployment to Sangin, Afghanistan in 2011, and  another deployment with the 31st MEU deployment to Japan. Gonzo is currently attending Texas State University-San Marcos where he is also a Strength and Conditioning Intern Coach with the football team. When he is not at school or helping the Bobcats, Gonzo is either working at Cabela’s or exploring the trails and fishing holes that Central Texas has to offer.

     “It is time we start looking for alternatives to help Veterans heal. Support Up Veteran Ventures provides the opportunity for a Veteran to experience outdoor therapy."

Jake Lusby


      Starting at age 5, if it was fall, you would’ve found Jake following closely behind his Dad and an English pointer in pursuit of quail.  Hunting was a grassroots tradition in the Lusby family and Jake certainly followed right in those mud covered boot tracks.  

        “You know hunting and fishing have just always been a way of life for me.  Oddly enough, I got kicked off the soccer team my senior year of High School for skipping out on practice for early goose season.  Whether it’s turkeys in the spring or waterfowl in the fall there is something about fooling ‘em that got deep down into my system. As the grandson of a WW2 USMC Veteran and the Son of an Air National Guard veteran, words could not explain the gratitude I have for all of those who have served this incredible Nation.  I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, and every person who has ever signed on the line for this country for the freedom and opportunity to do what we love to do.”


Eddie Bradley


   “As a self proclaimed Patriot and the son of a Veteran being a part of this was a no brainer.”

Eddie Bradley was born in a small town on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. There he had spent the greater portion of his life hunting, fishing, and in the outdoors. Eddie has been in full time ministry for the past 18 years. He is currently the Lead Pastor of LifePoint Church in Collinsville, Illinois. He has been married to his wife, Becky, for 17 years. Eddie and Becky have two sons, Tuff and Timo James. Eddie's dedication and love for this nation and it's veterans made him eager to get involved with Support Up Veteran Ventures in our earliest planning phases. With extensive experiences of being part of non-profit organizations he is vital in guiding us to where we need to be.  Eddie jumps on any chase of getting back south in order to pursue his passion of hog hunting and salt water fishing, while he is home he can be found pursuing Whitetail Deer and Bass fishing.

Jake Hall


   While there are numerous ways to create a board of directors, one way to ensure effectiveness is to have a member that is able to provide a reality check. Jake has served as a reality check his entire life to his older brother. While Jake may be the youngest board member his input and motions are always solid and practical. These traits suit him well as he also serves as our organizations secretary. Upon graduating high school Jake went on to seek his college degree, where he earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville. After graduating Jake has went on to manage departments at numerous businesses and currently is a Senior Portfolio Lease Analyst with Cushman & Wakefield. During the time he isn't in the office he enjoys backpack camping, fishing, hiking, and spending time in the outdoors. Jake joined SUVV at its birth as a way to give back to the veterans that he is so thankful for.

Founder/ President

Joseph (Joey) Hall

Photo of hunter with Turkey.

Joey was born and raised in southern Illinois, where he spent his youth playing sports and in the outdoors. After graduating high school in 2009, he joined the U.S. Marine Corps where he served as a 0311 (rifleman) in the 1st Battalion 5th Marine Regiment. During his enlistment he completed two deployments. The first was as a team leader to Sangin, Afghanistan in early 2011, and the second was as an assistant patrol leader on the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit in 2012. Upon transitioning back to civilian life after his honorable discharge, Joey began to have different issues that arose from the drastic change in his life.  He then began looking for outlets to cope with these issues. It was through this search that began hunting and turning back to the roots of being in the "field" that the military instilled in him. Upon discovering the therapeutic like feeling that a venture can bring, he immediately felt that he had to share this opportunity with other veterans.

       "Sitting in a room explaining the effects combat has had on me to a psychiatrist was never really an option in my own head. Instead I was able to find peace by being on 'Ventures' out in God's creation... and now I want to share my experiences and resources with other veterans that may be on a similar trail."